Our Mission

Cedar Tree Montessori cultivates a passion for learning, advances academic skills, and promotes peace and global awareness in a nurturing community

Core Values

Academic Excellence

Because of the individualized nature of instruction and student teacher ratio, students often progress more rapidly in reading, language and math than in public settings. We have a 1 to 9 teacher/student ratio which allows children to learn in small groups and individually

Whole Child Approach

We address the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional needs of each child. We do this by ensuring our curriculum and school day include opportunities for

  • Individualized Instruction

  • Opportunities for gross and fine motor skill development.

  • A curriculum that includes art, drama, music, movement, and mindfulness.

  • Opportunities to be outdoors in nature.

  • Social skills and conflict resolution development.

  • Incorporation of each child’s interests, personality, strengths and challenges in our instruction.


The Montessori environment provides a sequence of developmentally appropriate academic and social experiences in which children naturally build their confidence and academics through increasing levels of freedom with responsibility.  Children explore their own interests through independent projects several times a year.


Cedar Tree values and encourages community.  We provide opportunities for parents to volunteer in school, to gather for monthly social or school events, to congregate at drop off and pick up times and to easily communicate with teachers and staff.


Multi-age classrooms build the expectation that differences between children are normal.  We embrace, value and celebrate our differences and encourage diversity in our student, staff and parent community. We do not discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, Identification or gender expression in our hiring practices and acceptance of students. 

Conflict Resolution

We teach and model peaceful problem-solving skills.  We assist children to resolve conflicts both in the classroom and on the playground.  Children take care of the classroom environment, consider the impact of their words and actions on others and frequently collaborate or help one another. 

Global Perspective

We look beyond our classroom to better understand the needs of others around the world. We value cultural differences by studying cultures and inviting guests in to help us learn about our similarities and our differences. We emphasize respect for nature and humanity as we share our planet’s resources. We value the importance of service and participate in public service projects.  Our school seeks to reduce its environmental impact by learning about and discussing our planet’s needs, recycling, reusing materials and cleaning with green products. 


Love how you learn, learn what you love!