We welcome parents to schedule an observation so that you can see first-hand the methods, materials, and culture of our classroom.  We have observations on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning.  During your observation, we will take a moment to learn more about the unique needs of your child and your hopes for their preschool experience.

In order to have an authentic experience of the classroom, please attempt to be unobtrusive (we know it's hard). The children will be tickled to see you there and will likely engage you. Our suggested response is just to whisper back that your observing. As an observer, we thank you in advance for attempting to allow the children to work within their environment, undisturbed.  

You will see a classroom environment that reflects how children really work, play, and learn providing work spaces for individual and group activities at tables, on rugs, mats, and pillows.  The classroom is set up so that each child can successfully navigate the classroom with curiosity and independence.

When you observe, look for these elements of a Montessori classroom:

  • Child initiated exploration in the classroom

  • A child’s secure sense of independence

  • The industrious and joyful hum of the classroom

  • The degree of concentration demonstrated

  • The kindness and respect demonstrated to each other

  • Children of varying ages working together

  • Peaceful and calm body movements

  • Joy, imagination and creativity

A day at Cedar Tree Montessori Children's House includes:

  • Hands on learning with Montessori materials.

  • Practical Life work for developing coordination and concentration.

  • Social Skills to learn how to get our needs met peacefully.

  • Care for the self, others, our environment and our earth.

  • Music to gain opportunities to be introduced to new sounds, songs and rhythms.

  • Movement to learn body awareness.

  • Sensory Awareness to explore with all senses.

  • Science to create curiosity about the natural world.

  • Language Arts to develop skills of pre-reading and writing and literacy.

  • Mathematics to progress in number awareness and operations.

  • Art to gain opportunities for each child to express themselves visually.

At Cedar Tree, we support each child’s unique interests and give each young mind opportunities to explore in a nurturing and safe environment.

Pets in the Classroom

We have witnessed the many social and developmental benefits that result in children having pets in their prepared classroom when it is supervised and intentional. For these reasons classroom teachers sometimes choose to host an animal in their classroom when there is no negative impact to the health of students in that classroom. Our Children's House (preschool/kindergarten) classroom currently has a classroom-dog, "Hank" who has proven himself to be an asset to this classroom. He role models and teaches us all about patience, kindness, tolerance and healthy boundaries.