What does Montessori look like at Cedar Tree?

Everyone is doing a different activity. Some children choose to work together and some choose to work apart.

Children use work lists which are planned by the teacher, or for older students, planned jointly.

Students have choice time when work lists are completed to follow own interests.

Enrichment classes are provided by qualified instructors: Music, Spanish, Drama, P.E., Art, Computers

There is a happy, industrious, friendly, busy atmosphere in the classroom.

Children resolve issues through skills taught in the classroom, role-played, practiced and supported on the playground and in class.

Older children help the younger children, younger children learn from the older children.

Children have freedom of movement about the classroom. Some may choose to work at a table, some on the floor, some in the silent area in the entry.


Why do parents choose Cedar Tree?

  • The teachers’ skills, experience, dedication and loving presence
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Safe, nurturing, joyful social environment
  • Attention to special needs, for both gifted and challenged students
  • Great parent-teacher communication
  • Increasing independence, personal responsibility
  • Fostering a life-long love of learning
  • Small group and individual instruction, possibility for academic acceleration
  • Excellent teacher-student rapport
  • Strong sense of community among parents and teachers