Thank you for creating such a wonderful school, I can't imagine a more supportive and nurturing environment for us to navigate loss, learning challenges and make life long friendships! ~Nichole (Zakara '19, Malleck '16)

School Closure Procedure due to Inclement Weather

You and your child’s safety is our highest priority. The decision about whether your child will attend school always rests in your hands.  We follow the Bellingham Public Schools decision to close school. They will post their decision to close school on their website: .  You can also tune to local media 790 AM, 96.5 FM, 104.1 FM. We will send an email to all families by 6:30 am to report a school closure. When Bellingham Public Schools have a delayed start, due to severe weather, Cedar Tree will start on time and have a regularly scheduled day. 

In the event that Bellingham Public Schools are closed on a day that Cedar Tree has school, we will make an independent determination about whether or not to close school. We do not take this decision lightly and understand the impact that this decision has on families. Our school community lives across Whatcom and Skagit Counties. We will make the best determination based on the factors below and will always stand behind a parent’s decision to keep their child home from school due to safety. We will send an email to all families by 6:30 am to report a school closure.

With the goal of being consistent and judicious we consider the following when we decide if we should close school.  In any situation where we decide to close school we will send an email to all families by 6:30 am.

  1. We will close school if we believe that the weather presents considerable safety challenges for the majority of our families. We will determine this by getting road conditions from different locations around Bellingham and Whatcom County.

  2. We will close school if there is enough snow/ice at school to make it dangerous for people to drive, drop off and/or walk to school.

  3. We will close school if the weather has caused power outages for a period of time that prevents us from heating our school building.

  4. We will close school if there are predictions of snowfall during the day that might pose a danger for pick up.

If there is snow on the ground, we’re going to want to play in it!  Please label ahead of time gloves and hats as there will plenty of them around!  A warm layer under a wind/water-protective shell is ideal. 

Nothing is as important to your child’s success as your involvement. At Cedar Tree Montessori, we encourage our parents to take an active role in their child’s education, and we offer many opportunities to visit, observe, learn, and volunteer.

We believe the Montessori Method shouldn’t end with the school day, so we strive to help parents actively utilize it in all aspects of their child’s life.

Daily Elementary Classroom Schedules

Upper Elementary

9am: Circle or Class Council

10am: Geometry/Grammar/Math/Library Trip/Spelling tests

11am: Work time or PE

12pm; Recess/Spanish

12:30pm; Lunch

1pm; Silent Reading/Science

2pm; Cultural Lessons/Music or Drama/Art/Away PE

3pm; Clean-up and Circle

3:30pm: Dismissal

Lower Elementary

9am: Circle

9:30am: Work time

10:30am: Move Around

11:45am: Recess

12:15pm: Lunch Circle

12:30pm: Lunch

2pm: Recess

2:30pm: Sharing/Birthday Circle

3pm; Dismissal

Cedar Tree is a state and federal non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) tax code.  Our nonprofit number is 91-1953283. Your donations and contributions to fundraisers are tax deductible.