Nothing is as important to your child’s success as your involvement. At Cedar Tree Montessori, we encourage our parents to take an active role in their child’s education, and we offer many opportunities to visit, observe, learn, and volunteer.

We believe the Montessori Method shouldn’t end with the school day, so we strive to help parents actively utilize it in all aspects of their child’s life.


The following documents are available for download.

Calendar - Elementary 2016/2017 (PDF version)

Calendar - Children's House 2016/2017 (PDF version)

Certificate of Exemption

Certificate of Immunization

Emergency Shelter in Place List - Elementary

Emergency Shelter in Place List - Children's House

Human Development Education - Updated January 2017

Lower Elementary Snack List 2016/2017

Mini-Manual - Elementary 2016/2017

Parent Handbook - Children's House 2016/2017

Parent Handbook - Elementary 2016/2017

Scrip Order Form 2016/2017

Scrip Fundraiser Information 2016/2017

Student Medication - Health Log Permission Form (to be filled out by parent/guardian)

Supply List - Children's House 2016/2017

Supply List - Lower Elementary 2016/2017

Supply List - Upper Elementary 2016/2017

Cedar Tree is a state and federal non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3) tax code.  Our nonprofit number is 91-1953283. Your donations and contributions to fundraisers are tax deductible.