Teachers have a profound respect for each child's uniqueness.

Each child is born with a purpose to fulfill.  If their physical, psychological, emotional, educational and spiritual needs are met, he/she will fulfill that purpose for the benefit of all of humanity.  

We cannot know what that purpose may be, so we support each child’s interests and passions and give each child the skills to pursue whatever path he/she chooses.  This means Montessori teachers must provide a rich educational environment, with lots of opportunities to “try on” experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  The child’s job is to construct the adult he or she will become.

Children are the hope for peace in the world when they learn to understand and get along with others different from themselves.  Conflict resolution is modeled, taught and practiced in Montessori classrooms.  Teachers help children use this process in the classroom and on the playground.

Children pass through developmental stages in a certain sequence. Academic and social education should be appropriate for each stage of development. 

Children learn through their senses.  Montessori materials are multi-sensory. After many concrete experiences, children are ready to form abstract concepts.  Children learn best by exploring a topic in depth, rather than experiencing shallow “coverage” of many topics.  Presenting the “big picture” of concepts first helps children fit more detailed knowledge into an existing structure.

Teachers believe that children naturally love to learn and are, for the most part, internally motivated.

Self esteem is built by increasing independence. Montessori classrooms provide freedom within limits and independence with responsibility.

Children learn at their own paces and levels, following developmental stages.  The teacher is a facilitator or guide, rather than an authority in the classroom.  Much learning can take place in the absence of the teacher, with only an initial introduction. 

Multi-age classrooms build diversity.  They offer younger children the chance to learn from older students and older students the opportunity to nurture and help younger children and reinforce their own learning.

Watch this video for another perspective on Montessori Education.